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Tick Tox: Freeze your ticks off!

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Tick Tox : Freeze your ticks off!

Tick Tox, the latest in tick treatment, is an Australian owned and made product that has made killing ticks as easy as 1,2,3! Not only is it suitable for us humans but also for your furry friends! You simply spray the Tick Tox Tick Treatment on the tick and let the magic happen! It freezes the tick killing it instantly and not letting the tick inject any of its toxic saliva! An amazing bonus is that it is designed in a small 35ml deodorant bottle, purely so it is easy to carry around for any kind of situation!

About Ticks

Ticks can cause severe allergic reactions, administer typhus and encephalitis and can cause paralysis or even death if not removed safely! So you can understand our excitement in sharing this product with everyone! To try and avoid ticks, the best options would be to use insect repellent on feet and legs, tuck pants into socks and try to avoid bush areas where ticks are most commonly found. Unfortunately, for us Australians, paralysis ticks absolutely love the humid weather that occurs among the most populated parts of Australia.

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