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Marine Scale G First Aid Kit

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Whether you are a few hundred meters off shore fishing or many nautical miles off shore with

passengers, having a quality first aid kit ready for emergencies is essential.

The Scale G Marine kit complies with the Australian NSCV (National Standard for Commercial Vessels) requirements for the indicated Class of vessel. Vessel Class – This scale G Marine first aid kit meets the requirements under the NSCV for the vessel Classes: 1D (with Unberthed passengers), 1E (with Unberthed passengers), 2D, 2E, 3D and 3E.*

Due to prescriptions required & short expiry dates on medications, the medications are not included in these kits. Obtain a prescription from your doctor for required prescription items, visit your chemist to purchase the additional items & add them to the kit. A list of the additional products required can be obtained by contacting us.

The cases have been developed specifically for marine environments and are UV resistant, and have a water resistant seal, with a full wall mount bracket for secure mounting.

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